Shanghai Travel Review

Shanghai Travel Review

by Shane Budge

Once you step off the plane at either Pudong International Airport or Hongshao Aiport in Shanghai, you think your in a western city except for the chinese writing on all signs and buildings. Shanghai is the most westernized city in Mainland China. With a population of over 27 Million you will soon realize what traffic congestion is like in China so plan ahead as getting to your destination can take some time.

Taxis – Taxis are abundant in Shanghai at airports and train stations, however prepared to wait in a queue during peak times. One thing you will notice is the number of black taxis around at these locations. Black taxis are people who drive their own cars and try to convince you to use them instead of a taxi. This is not really commended for foreigners as you don’t know what can happen to you. Taxi fares are relatively cheap with most fares starting at 11RMB which lasts for a few kilometers before it changes, little bit more at night time.

If you are going out to some of the bars in Shanghai, be also aware of the fake taxis. They will rip you off.

Restaurants – The good thing about Shanghai there is so many choices of food and different cultures not just chinese. Some of the best food and restaurants has been in Shanghai. My favourite  restaurant in Shanghai is Xibo located at 83 Changshu Rd, Jing’an, Shanghai. Another favourite of mine is Lost Heaven, Yunnan Style food. If you like hot chilli style food you will love this place. If your going during the summer season, go a bit earlier and enjoy a few drinks on the roof terrace level. The restaurant is located near the Bund at 17 Yan’an Dong Lu,near Sichuan Nan Lu. After dinner take a scenic walk around the Bund.

Hotels– Choices, choices, choices, that is what can be said about Hotel selection in Shanghai. You will find all the big Western brand names in Shanghai and are relatively cheap and affordable for western standards. The only thing that lets some hotels down is the service. That is one thing I am yet to experience in Shanghai and China and that is good fashion service. I think it is something not really experienced or offered in the Chinese culture.

Nightlife- The nightlife in Shanghai is pretty amazing. So many places to go for all types of interests whether you like rave party discos with the latest in techno music, sports bars that play all the latest world sports and international beers or the girl bars where you can have a nice cold beer and talk to some local girls during your stay in Shanghai. For my more detailed nightlife spots CLICK HERE for read the info.

Musuem – Shanghai has a great musuem that shows some of China’s great heritage and some great exhibitions into the chinese currency and how it began. Located not too far away from People’s Square it is easy walking distance from the subway