Nha Trang Review

Nha Trang Review

By Shane Budge

Nha Trang is located on the east coast of Vietnam, just south of Da Nang and is relatively a tourist spot mostly visited by Europeans with the majority coming from Russia. Nha Trang itself is mostly made from sand and this is evident when you leave Nha Trang airport and see lots and lots of sand and sand mining going on. There is also a lot of vietnamese heritage to be seen as well. The beaches along Nha Trang are long and picturesque with the sand being slightly grainy in texture.

If you want to relax under the Coconut trees and lay on a sunbed which there many along the beach be prepared to pay approx 30,000 Dong to rent it out. Every five minutes, locals will walked passed and try to sell you anything from watches to cooked fresh lobsters. Depending on when you visit the weather can be hot during the Summer time and expect storms and showers during the day and night. If you feel like and adventure, you can hire a low rider which will take you up the mountains on a motorbike and show you the real vietnam.

Russian investment and the quantity of russian holiday makers are visible in Nha Trang. Almost every shop, restaurant in Nha Trang has signs in Vietnamese and Russian with less in English, however you dont need to worry about the restaurants as they have both menus in English and Russian. Many locals in the area do speak English which i was amazed with most of them learning the language themselves through long term exposure to tourists.