Hanoi Review

Hanoi Review

by Shane Budge

Hanoi located north of Vietnam and the Capital of Vietnam provides a more of the traditional Vietnam feel to your visit. While it does boast a large population it is much much smaller compared to its sister city Ho Chi Minh. Hanoi reminded me so much of China in a lot of ways especially streets located within the Old Quarter of Hanoi. I travelled through Hanoi in June which I found to be very hot, in some days it reached 40 degrees.

When it comes to the food in Hanoi, you will not be disappointed. The food is absolutely fantastic and cheap. If you don’t mind the odd spring roll here and there you will love the local cafes and restaurants located around Hanoi and Old Quarter. There are lots of local market shops selling all sorts of things such as clothes, shoes, bags, statues, sunglasses etc.

If you like to learn about history, check out the War Museum which has some American military located on site as well as Vietnamese military equipment. The museum is predominately focuses on the war between Vietnam and France in 1954 battle of Hanoi, however it does have some American planes, helicopters and tanks available to view, a must see in Hanoi

Hanoi Traffic- The traffic in Hanoi is typical of most Asian countries with lots and lots of motorcycles which is the common form of transportation. Check out my video on Hanoi

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